Small Groups

Small Group

Sunday Evening Small Group

We meet in Ballydown Church on Sunday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm. This coincides with Youth Fellowship and is convenient for parents bringing young people to YF.  Our group is very informal. New faces always welcome!


Wednesday Morning Group

We are a group of women of all ages who meet together for Bible study and fellowship each week during term time. We meet in the church hall at 9.45am for Bible study and sharing concerns for prayer. New members welcome!


Tuesday Morning Group

We meet in the church hall on Tuesday mornings and we are open to all ages. We are very informal and friendly and enjoy catching up with each other. Do join us!

"Small Groups exist so that in our fellowship we might encourage each other in our discipleship."


The 8-2-10 small group helps enable us to live out our faith in real life. The small group allows us to study and discuss God’s word in a friendly, homely atmosphere among friends. We can share with one another, pray for one another, ask the questions that we may think others would think are silly! So, if you’re a young single, a married couple even an older ”young at heart” you’re welcome!

Dermot's Small Group

We study the Bible using material related to the teaching on Sundays. We also pray for individual needs and for our church.

Jimmy and Ellen's Small Group

Through Bible study, sharing and prayer we seek to encourage and be encouraged to live as disciples of Jesus. Our studies usually explore further, passages or topics related to Sunday’s teaching. Our aim is to build deep and meaningful relationships among our members.

We aim to be a church of Small Groups

Young Adults Small Group

We meet weekly to discile young adults (early twenties) by exploring what God's word says to us today.

The Fortnightly Group

Our aim is to develop our faith. We meet fortnightly to better accommodate people with busy schedules!

Mike, Sharon and Sam's Small Group

Starting with some time to chat and “catch up” we then go into our Bible study and explore together some of the questions and issues raised in the Sunday sermon. No one is forced to speak or share, it’s very relaxed. We would be delighted to see more coming to join us!