Youth Small Group

Youth Small Group meets on Wednesdays 8-9pm in the Youth Room

Years 10 and above


19th September Gifts and Abilities Gregory
26th September Gifts and Abilities Gregory
3rd October James 1:1-18, Trials James
10th October James 1:9-11, Perspective Helen
17th October James 1:12-18, Temptation James
24th October James 1:19-20, Qualities Helen
7th November James 1:21-27, People of Action Gregory
14th November James 2:1-13, Favouritism James
21st November James 2:14-26, Faith Gregory
28th November James 3:1-12, Control of the Tongue Helen
5th December James 3:13-18, Real Wisdom James
12th December CHRISTMAS MEAL

We focus on what it means to be a follower of Jesus in everyday life by considering what the Bible has to say about big topics; these range from doctrine to human relationships to prayer to ethics or whatever else is suggested. Whether you're committed to Jesus or are still thinking things through, it would great to have you. This year we will be exploring Spiritual Gifts, discipleship and the book of James. Please speak to Helen, James or Gregory if you've any questions.