It's a long story - but very briefly...

This world is not how God made it. It is a mess. You may have noticed!

Some People...

Some people think this is God's doing and rage at him for the mess we are in.

"How dare you!" they shout at God.

But God did not create death, disease or evil.

So who's fault is it?

This is the work of God's enemy - sometimes called the devil or Satan - who leads the world astray.

And we have been well and truly deceived! We have fallen into sinful actions, words and thoughts that we are not proud of.


To break the power of this enemy over us - and to deal with our sins - the Son of God entered our world in human flesh.

It was when he died on the cross that victory was secured - over sin and Satan - it was like the victory at "D-Day."

The final push...

The conflict is now in its last phase

This is like the final push towards "VE-Day" - what scripture calls the Last Day - when Jesus returns.

Right now we need to decide whose side we are on. God has given us the choice - a choice that we must live with - forever.

Choose well!

Taking sides...

If you need to settle this now, and you should, since no-one knows when the last day is...

...ask the Lord Jesus for his forgiveness and commit yourself to him.

You can pray as follows...

Lord Jesus have mercy on me, forgive me, take my life and make me yours, now and always. Amen.